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Easily prove your CESQG status with our P-Waste Tracker and co-mingle ALL pharmaceutical waste in one container! The system automatically tracks the accumulated weight of P-Listed drugs and alerts you via email when you are approaching the CESQ weight threshold of 2.2 lbs. Track your waste supply chain from cradle to grave with instant access to monthly P-List Weight Logs, carrier pickups, and signed disposal manifests. Remain compliant without high hazardous disposal premiumns.


Our subscription provides you with all of the training and resources you need to quickly adopt your new Rx Waste Program. You will have access to our unique Learning Center that allows you to assign online training to your staff and employees, in order to ensure proper guidance and education for your staff. The subscription also provides customizable policy templates that can be quickly downloaded and printed for your records in keeping with program policies.

Dispose Sustainably

Each subscription includes an 8-gallon DOT-Rated Rx Waste Collection Container and a prepaid carrier service with shipping label. Simply collect the waste at the point of generation and, when full, package the container in the prepaid shipping box. It will be sent directly to a permitted incinerator for incineration. Once your shipment is received and processed, you will automatically receive a copy of the signed manifest for proof of destruction.

About Us

"Rx Waste Systems is committed to supporting the economic and environmental sustainability of your healthcare business through a streamlined system of documentation and disposal that makes maintaining regulatory compliance easy."

Chris Brooks


Chris has been building and maintaining professional relationships in the Healthcare Waste Compliance industry for over 8 years. In 2007 Chris was fortunate to join the team that pioneered the “Rx Waste Compliance” industry, PharmEcology Associates. Chris played a major role in the growth and profitability of PharmEcology, which led to their acquisition by Waste Management (WM) Healthcare Solutions. During this time, he found that even though Hospitals only make up 1% of the Healthcare Industry, most Rx waste compliance programs are designed for large quantity generators which increases cost and reduces efficiency for smaller facilities. In 2014, Chris founded Rx Waste Systems with one goal; Provide a cost-efficient solution that makes it easy for our customers to implement and manage a compliant drug disposal program.

Stephanie Pace

Director of Business Development

Stephanie joined Rx Waste Systems with 15 years of experience in the medical device and healthcare industry. Stephanie received her BS in Chemistry with a concentration in Business from Eastern Illinois University. She has worked for Sigma-Aldrich Diagnostics, Diomed Inc and most recently W.L. Gore and Associates. Throughout her years in hospitals and clinics Stephanie realized there was a need for an easier way for healthcare professionals to be compliant with regulatory guidelines for pharmaceutical disposal. She spent a lot of time in operating rooms where proper disposal of pharmaceuticals was not done because it was too tedious and not easily accessible. When she learned of the opportunity to join Rx Waste Systems, Stephanie instantly knew it would be a great partnership where she could join her vast experience in the healthcare industry with her passion for preserving the environment!

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